Fine Craftsmanship

Natural Wood

DMLJ studio has taken full advantage of the logistics in modern time, in order to find the world’s rare wood .

Form Define

All the unique aesthetic inherited from ancient artifacts are hidden in every grinding line and flower mosaic pattern of our products, together with modern minimalist look.


During the past six years, through plenty of searching, inspections and researches, DMLJ studio has collected a large number of scattered information and material on artifacts from Tang Dynasty all over the world. Based on it, through imitation, recovery, deconstruction, refining and innovation, many of which have lost their practical use, have been reborn.

In Lay

At technique level, DMLJ has recovered a series of ancient woodcraft skills that had been given up because of the high difficulty in modern time.


In the wood inlay process, the error has been controlled within 0.1 mm. If only from the technical point of view, it has been surpassed the Tang Dynasty.


At style level, based on the pattern of the Tang Dynasty, DMLJ studio has innovated a series of bright, generous and vibrant traditional style by the natural color of wood. This style is totally different from the conservative minds of the old-fashioned “tradition”, which is the treasure discovered from Tang’s aesthetics.